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We are living in the most exciting times. If you are into spirituality, you know that “the Shift” is going on where we as humanity are moving into a new higher consciousness and leaving behind all the old low vibrational energy. What does it mean?

In the old times, it was okay to be miserable. It was okay to sacrifice your personal aspirations and dreams to “achieve” success. It was acceptable to continuously feel negative emotions, be oppressed by the system, suffer, and experience lack. The value was not placed on an individual but instead on a system. It was okay not to honor your feelings and suppress your desire to survive. The arguments like “everybody does it” used to be valid. It was acceptable to work long hours for money and sacrifice the time with your family again because “that’s how it is.” People were conditioned to “suffer” and not get what they wanted because “life is hard” and “you can’t have it all.” In the new energy, however, it is no longer a valid way to live. The new way of living is to be happy and free, and more and more people realize that it’s possible for them.

Since the beginning of the “Shift” (2012), human consciousness has been steadily rising, and many have become aware that our reality is wholly programmed to manage the masses. More and more people find themselves not so happy in the current reality and feel that there must be something more to life than working for 40 years 40 hours a week with hardly 1-month vacations per year (depending on the country you live in) missing your kids lives because you are “at work” and then finally getting to the retirement age when you hopefully have the money (if you managed to save some and invested in the suitable pension scheme) but may not have the health.

Of course, there are some exceptions depending on where you work and what you do. Some people enjoy their work and need the structure and resources of big corporations to do it. However, not everyone who works in the office is fulfilled. Based on the representation of people I encountered (I met many people from different countries), not even 1 in 20 love their job. Most people dislike Mondays and are not excited to return to work after the holidays.

In the future, we will only do the work we enjoy, and people will be paid well for what they love to do because there truly is no way to do the job you dislike well. It is part of “the Shift,” but not everyone is aware of a new reality paradigm. Meanwhile, many people start feeling that something is wrong with the current situation and that life should be easier and more fulfilling than it is. The job should be enjoyable and impactful. The pandemic contributed to these feelings of dissatisfaction and allowed many people to set their priorities straight. A lot more now understand that they enjoy working from home and being able to spend more time with their loved ones, organize their schedule around making home errands, and possibly hitting the gym. A lot of people enjoy working in their pajamasJ. And now, when many companies want to return to office work, people compare “the taste of freedom” to their office life and realize they want out; they want change. But there is not necessarily the structure in place for all of us to do what we love independently and make a decent living from it. That’s why many still settle for boring, stable jobs that provide security but no fulfillment.

What if I told you there is another way? We live in the best time for “exiting the Matrix,” and the internet is the way to go. It is the cheapest way to start your business in the current reality. There is no need to rent a physical space, and there are even free ways of advertising that can still be pretty efficient. We can’t all do the info business and don’t have to. If you like working physically, making things, baking, cutting hair, and building things – you can do it independently and market your business online. People do not start their businesses for fear of failure and because they don’t know how.

Maybe you want to sell certain products online, promote your own services, sell other people’s products, facilitate workshops, etc. There are countless possibilities. What matters is that anyone can achieve location independence and own their schedule  through working online.

Another concern is that people often don’t know what to do online or what kind of business to start (that was me).

Choosing has to do with your interests. It would be a pity to leave one tedious job for something else that is boring but has excellent income potential and a bit more freedom. You are worthy of doing the job you like (better love) and being paid the money you want – please strive for that!

How to make it work was a more difficult question for me.

You have to learn. The good news is that many people are already doing what you want, and many share how they do it. Many even share it for free on their blogs and YouTube channels. All the information you need is readily available online, and you can start learning while at your current job. The challenge is to systemize the available information or qualify and choose who you want to learn from.

Usually, when you try to figure things out on your own without spending money – it works but takes time and lots of trial and error. It could be a great way towards your freedom if you are not in a hurry and simply want to explore new opportunities.

However, A faster way would be to learn from other people who do what you want to do and teach others through training. Then, the challenge would be qualifying the teacher and the training.

It took me a while, and I researched many different programs. Ultimately, I chose online business education, which I promote now as an ambassador. I did not know anything about building websites or marketing online, yet I build this website entirely on my own. I got a clear understanding of my options online as well as clarity on what I wanted to do online and how to achieve that. The training is thorough and goes way beyond practical “how to” stuff. They work a lot with their students on defining their purpose and building a customized path toward the vision they have. Plus the training suits people at different skill levels and budgets. It has nothing to do with investing or trading currencies (though I am sure those are great ways to make money for some people). It is comprehensive training on how to start your own online business regardless of your technical skills. There is no one path for all. They do not promise to make you a millionaire overnight. It is an education; you have to invest time, effort, and some money, and you results depend on your actions. But one thing is sure- they teach solid skills that allow you to succeed online and provide excellent support and guidance while you do the work.

If you click the link below, I will send you a free video series that will tell you more about your options online.

Whether you decide to look into this training or learn somewhere else, I hope you will find a way to build your dream life and find a way to make money on your terms by doing the work you love. The world needs more happy, fulfilled people, and if you think of freedom and independence, you have everything inside of you to achieve it. And it’s never too late. Sending you love! Good luck!

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